Top 500 Supercomputers

In this graph its amazing to watch how fast computers have overcome so many obstacles in the modern era. But there are tons of problems still to solve if they really want to go higher. According to sources China has couple of projects at 100 petaflops range and US of course has its own plans to regain the lead in this list. In fact the US plan goes high up to the point of 1000 petaflops and its really interesting to see this happening.  Future is bright and I cant wait to see quantum computing takes charge on this list. The numbers will amaze us.

Here is the top-10 list of faster computers as it stands now...


Acer Announces New Range of Predator Gaming Peripherals in India

Online casino gaming has just been taken to a new level in India. Not only online casino gaming, but all forms of gaming. A statement that was released by the Chief Marketing Officer for Acer India reads "The predator range of products delivers the performance needed for a fun, immersive and powerful gaming experience…Our relentless pursuit of technological excellence led us to this cross platform offering making it one of a kind in the entire IT industry…” The statement promises unparalleled gaming experience on the new predator range of products.

A product that is set to be a favourite is the Predator Fastcore. This is a Cooler Master Fan module. This device is plugged into the optical drive of Acer Predator 15 and Acer Predator 17 gaming notebooks with NVIDIA GeForce graphics. It will cool the computer during intense money making gambling sessions at your favourite online casino. The speeds of the fan can be manually controlled to give you greater control. This is made possible through CoolBoost. The airflow created will be dust free courtesy of Predator DustDefender technology.

Other Predator products are the G series desktops which are now more compact than ever before. These desktops were modelled on game console technology which is why they are so small. They have 6th gen Intel i7 processors and 64GB of dual channel memory. The top of the pick from the monitors is the Predator X34. This monitor uses NVIDIA's Gsync technology which makes the 34-inch ultra-wide curved monitor with a USB3.0 hub so perfect to game on.
The Predator range does not come cheap. If you cannot afford it, you can continue playing at favourite online casino, visit the site for more info. When you hit the jackpot you can get yourself the superb Predator range of gaming peripherals.

Ultimate HTML5 support test - Best modern browser test on HTML5

Lately there were lots of updates on modern browsers but where are they standing right now on supporting HTML5 features? I did a small test on .... and here are the results.

Google Chrome: 50 releases and counting!

CSS3 Selector Types

Quantum computing, here we come

Today's microprocessors use data buses to route bits of information to and from memory. Transferring quantum information is trickier, because quantum states are so fragile -- try to move a qubit, and the quantum state may change.

To test out their approach, the researchers in this study turned to particles of light. Hailing from RMIT University in Australia, Italy's National Research Council, and China's South University of Science and Technology, the scientists used a technique by which quantum information is encoded in such particles, also known as photons.

Using an experimental setup with multiple "waveguide" tubes, they tried to relocate the data among locations while achieving perfect state transfer, preserving the delicate quantum state of entanglement. In their tests, the researchers were able to perform the procedure while preserving the encoded quantum state with an average fidelity of 97.1 percent.

Ultimately, the discovery could pave the way for a quantum data bus and bring quantum computing closer to reality, they said. Quantum computers could have much higher performance than today's systems.


Sandisk Extreme 900 SSD review: 10Gbps USB 3.1

The Extreme 900 features a USB Type C port and ships with both Type C-to-Type C, and Type C-to-Type A SuperSpeed cables. It’s a nice inclusion, but it’s not as great as it could be: Not every USB-C device you plug this storage drive into will support 10Gbps USB 3.1. Right now, a USB-C port can mean everything from USB 2.0 speeds to 10Gbps USB 3.1. It can also mean Thunderbolt. Welcome to the messy world of Type C ports. [Via]

Tesla Unveils Model 3

Google recording new voice for Google Apps

New Sport - Extreme Kite surf and sailing

When the extreme Kite surfing meets extreme Sailing then the result its just spectacular.

World’s first compact office papermaking system that can turn shredded waste paper into new paper

Epson diversifies offerings:
Apparently, paper isn't dead .. Epson has announced it has developed the world’s first compact office papermaking system that can turn shredded waste paper into new paper without using water.

Known as PaperLab, Epson says the product will be able to be installed by businesses and government offices in a backyard area and will produce paper of various sizes, thicknesses, and types.

Epson plans to put product into commercial production in Japan in 2016 with sales in other regions to be decided at a later date.

Bringing Your Entire Genome on Your Phone - DNA Analysis

On March 3, Massachusetts startup Veritas Genetics -- a spin-off of Harvard University’s decade-old Personal Genome Project -- announced its intention to offer a commercially available full-genome sequencing product for under a thousand dollars. (When the first commercial genome sequence became available in 2007, the price tag was $350,000.) Illumina (ILMN), a leading genomics firm, announced a thousand-dollar sequence in 2014, but that was cost, not the price of a retail product. The cheapest other currently available comparable products sell for about $6,000. 

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New iphone SE - March 2016 Apple Event

Developer Survey Results 2016 - What developers say about themselves!

After asking 50000+ developers it is really interesting to see the results. Stack Overflow website did this survey and the results are significant. [More at]

Epson showcases world’s first 25,000 lumens 3LCD laser projector

Epson is revealing two new Pro-AV projector ranges and the world’s first 25,000lm 3LCD laser projector1 as part of its biggest ever presence at ISE 2016. Enhancing the company’s already-impressive projector line-up, the new models include the company’s first laser installation models, which utilise a range of technological innovations to cement Epson’s position as a major player in the market. 

Introducing the EB-L25000U

A showcase of Epson’s technological capabilities, this new 25,000lm laser light source product marks the culmination of extensive research, development and testing. The result is a product packed with advanced engineering, innovative technologies and flexible features to give the EB-L25000U a number of potential applications within the installation market. Epson will announce full product specifications later in the year.

Epson will be exhibiting at ISE 2016 (9-12 February 2016) in Hall 1 Stand H90.
The EB-L25000U will be available from late 2016.
The EB-L1300U, EB-L1200U, EB-L1100U, EB-L1405U will be available from July 2016 and the EB-L1500U and EB-L1505U from October 2016.
The new EB-G7000 series (EB-G7800, EB-G7200W, EB-G7000W,  EB-G7905U, EB-G7900U, EB-G7400U) will be available from May 2016.