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Youtube και iphone και τιμές είναι επίσημο πλέον ότι θα είναι μαζί στην παρουσίαση του iphone, στις 29 του Ιουνίου.
Apple® today announced that iPhone™ users will be able to enjoy YouTube originally-created content on their iPhones when they begin shipping on June 29.
ΕΠΙΣΗΣ έχουμε και τις πρώτες τιμές για το iphone:
iPhone will include the built-in Apple-designed YouTube application when it is available in the US on June 29, 2007 in a 4GB model for $499 (US) and an 8GB model for $599 (US). iPhone will be sold in the US through Apple’s retail and online stores, and through AT&T’s retail stores.
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