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Tα ηχεία και το design είναι κάτι που μου αρέσει πολύ σαν συνδυασμός! Ηχεία σαν το Saitek Personal Stereo Speaker μου αρέσουν γιατί έχουν το κάτι διαφορετικό - και κοστίζουν μόνο 50$.
This speaker combines sleek, organic design with a sound that belies its size. The unique shape maximizes bass and minimizes distortion, providing an unbelievably big and well-balanced stereo sound for a speaker that can fit in your pocket. Designed for ipods, laptops and mobile gaming consoles, the speaker has an integrated stand and comes packaged with a soft carrying pouch, cable and a unique connector/stand for use with the ipod nano. Takes 4 AAA batteries for an average 12 hours of sound, and contains a clever power management system, switching off when there is no audio to preserve the batteries. Can also use a 6 volt DC adapter (not provided).
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