"Going Google" - το κανούργιο σλόγκαν

H Google περνάει σε μια νέα φάση μάρκετινγκ με στόχο να προσελκύσει όσο περισσότερο κόσμο μπορεί στα Google Apps, κάνοντάς τα trend. Going Google λοιπόν σημαίνει να παρατάς ότι software χρησιμοποιούσες μέχρι τώρα και πλέον να ... πάς Google!!
Here at Google, we have a term for the moment a company realizes there's a better way and goes for it: "going Google." Over 1.75 million businesses, schools and organizations have gone Google — including Motorola, University of Notre Dame, the Mercy Corps and many more — and each day, 3,000 more organizations join them. So today we're telling the story in a new way. We're kicking off a series of outdoor billboards in four cities — Boston, Chicago, New York and San Francisco — that will change every weekday for the next four weeks. The billboards tell the story of an anonymous IT manager who gets so fed up with the typical IT status quo that his company eventually — you guessed it — goes Google.
[Via Google Blog]