Michael Jackson - This is it [THE numbers!]

Η ταινια This is it του M.J. που πλέον χορεύει και τραγουδά με τα αγγελάκια κάνει πιο πλόυσιους τη Sony και τους κληρονόμους του! Τα στοιχεία ως τώρα της ταινίας:
  • $2.2 million domestically in its opening night
  • $12 million dollar opening day
  • This Is It opened simultaneously in 95 different countries
  • Prediction: $250 million in its first five days of release alone
  • Sony sure scored with their $60 million purchase of the concert footage from Michael Jackson’s rehersals before his concert tour.
  • “evening show times” in 96 IMAX digital theatres.
  • A key part of the IMAX DMR process includes re-mastering the soundtrack to take advantage of IMAX’s 14,000 watt digital audio system.”
  • IMAX screening will sound “10 times more” dynamic range than average systems in regular theater
  • Sony had the star-studded red carpet premiere online at the Nokia Theater in LA at thisisitpremiere.com, which I noticed at one point had 150000+ viewers.