16,4 megapixel sensors for mobiles!


H Sony ανακοίνωσε  νέους αισθητήρες της τάξης των 16,41 megapixel που προορίζονται  για τα κινητά του μέλλοντος και βεβαιώς όπως καταλαβαίνετε ο πύχης πάει πάρα πολύ ψηλά πια όσον αφορά τις φωτογραφικές επιδόσεις των κινητών που θα δούμε καθώς 16 megapixel και καθαρές φωτογραφίες [high sensitivity and low noise]... τύφλα να έχουν οι cameras!

Sony Corporation (hereafter, "Sony") today announced the commercialization of two new "Exmor R" back-illuminated CMOS image sensors with dramatically improved photographic performance including significantly high sensitivity and low noise. In addition, Sony will launch two new lens modules equipped with these image sensors, which also include the smallest and thinnest*1 model for mobile phones. This is also the first time that "Exmor R" is commercialized for the use in mobile phones.

[Sony Press]