Blogging ... With an iPhone 4 s

iphone 4s on the left - iphone 4 on the right

[photos shooted with an iphone 4s]

I am with an iPhone 4s at the apple store, promenade temecula and I have the opportunity to play with an iPhone 4s.
It looks like the old iPhone 4 but it's way faster. The camera is faster and more clear in an environment that doesn't have direct sunlight. Running now real racing 2 which is amazing fast! Its like having a psp on hands. Only on samsung galaxy s2 i have seen something similar. Feels weird to blog from 2 different iphone generations!. I am running now metal storm and real racing, multitasking is smooth.

I tested Siri. I think it needs a lot of improvement despite the fact that the background noise of the people visiting apple store was extremely loud. In fact i am waiting for nice people called hackers to make Siri available to iphone 4. So i was more playing than really testing it at this point. Here is a small sample of the test:

After that i wanted to see how fast is the gaming with the new dual core processor and the 7x times better graphics on the new iphone 4s so i started playing with Metal Storm:

Then i tried Real Racing [i think it was version 2]:

And at the end there are the data plans of the 3 major Mobile US Companies: