Weightless, the most relaxing track in the world

In just 48 hours, over 5,000 cash-strapped British women have turned to 'Weightless' a new sound sensation in a bid to save money on expensive spa treatments that help them unwind at the end of the day.
It comes as a shocking new report** reveals 86% of Brits admit to feeling stressed out every day. As a result, two thirds of women are forking out £20 for a massage, despite the nation facing financial hardship.'Weightless' a specially-designed ambient track by body and mind therapy experts Radox Spa is scientifically proven to be more relaxing than having a massage or listening to tunes by Adele, Mozart and Enya*.

Comment by me: It's obvious that modern society needs new forms of relaxation. The speed, that this world is moving, exceeds the limits of a "nice life" by all means. A music track that relaxes you at the end of the day is a good treat .