Estylo - THE magnetic stylus for ipad!

Ok, i know that you love your ipad. Actually you cant live without BUT if you REALLY want to be productive with it ... you need Estylo. Is a new project that you gonna find it at the stores after some months. The lil company [Plai] that created it, now has the funds to make real and to be honest with you ...i like it.

Check yourself...

  • I have posted a set on

    Regarding accuracy of Estylo.
     See all my 4 image photos and video on Estylo's accuracy feature and my comments on my posts on the above stated flickr website.There,See the image tittled-"Error in styluses with Disc tips (2nd image)"
    (Ostylus tip touching the screen is shown).You will find unnecessary point or line mark on the screen.This is because Capacitive screens can detect blunt edges of disc tips while they are touching the screen.However,Estylo does not have this problem,it's very accurate and simple in design. Capacitive styluses works on Electric charge density on screens and resistive ounces work with Pressure sensitivity(pressure=force per unit area in newtons per metres square).Moreover the sensitivity size of capacitive screens is very slightly larger than that of resistive screens so we cannot use those very accurate resistive styluses with very precise small tip end .Let me tell you that the guys at Plai are creative genius. They have successfully invented a capacitive stylus with best possible accuracy till now at least which can be much improved in future through heavy research and development.Plai successfully have replaced those traditional punchy,rubbery stylus design *which have no accuracy with a highly sophisticated precision lightweight triangular design.More importantly,not only Estylo works with glove but also it does not require any additional direct radio frequency system support and external power.

  • Estylo is ideal only for sketching,not for note taking or writing.I have advices few other stylus options on my Flickr website below my video on Estylo's accuracy.

    I have reviewed Estylo on