2012 : Buying Techniques

There are lots of different techniques on how you can buy your next gadget-tv-video-projector. I ll post my way so you can see an easy way to find your desired item in the best price and at the closest store near you:

  • You start from a nice search on the best lists of the item you desire.
  • You can find-locate the item by searching at google - bing by typing eg. "best projector of 2012"
  • Try to find through the results the most accurate source. I prefer tech magazines related to your product that have extended top10 of products and a lot of reviews.
  • When you have already found the item you want, search first at ebay or amazon and craiglist  if you can find good prices on auctions or online selling.
  • At Amazon's there is always the best sellers and the Top Rated , that gives you a good idea, what's selling right now the most.
  • Then the CRITICAL part is at GOOGLE SHOPPING ... there you search your item and it gives you all the prices sorted by lower price [taxes and shipping included] and of course the online place to buy it.
In my case i was searching for epson ex7200 projector and the result is HERE.