Apple ipad 3 event .. almost live

Another of these glorious [;-)] days of apple that new products are on the way to the public. The event has already started and we are going to see what new has apple to offer today. And the stage is on... Tim Cook

He announces Siri in Japanese language ... sayonara dudes!

There are 362 apple stores around the ... apple world ...

585000 apps int the apple store! 
Oh man! Only to see all these you need years!

Tim Cook announces New apple tv
Has new interface
support iTunes Match
itunes now supports 1080p 
Price still is $99

This is the new apple tv interface
Genius works with movies too

iPAD right now is the most selling pv device [we are talking about big numbers]
200000 apps for the ipad in the apple store there are already

And this is the new ipad

Tech specs of the new ipad

Has a home button
Retina Display
Resolution 2047 X 1536 pixels
264 pixels per inch
Voice dictation

1 million pixels MORE than HDTV!!!
40% better color saturation

Quad core graphics !!!!!!!!!

A5X processror [Dual Core BUT 4 core graphics processor]

Video recording  at 1080p

A5X chip with quad core graphics

A rear iSigh camera with Auto-exposure, auto-focus, auto-face detection

HD video recording in 1080p

Built in image stabilization

Voice dictation

[The live blogs ARE CRASHING everywhere!!! Ipad 3 is THE BIGGEST thing now on internet]

Apple announces the A5X: a system-on-chip with quad-core graphics 

It's coming to verizon AND AT&T

The same battery as ipad 2G [oh man apple needs better batteries and thats for sure!]

Price $499

It remains very thin and light: 1,4 pounds and 9.44mm thick

[It's funny how, everybody crashes right now! I have seen theverge, gizmodo and scribd crashes onthe fly!!]

16GB $499, 32GB $599, 64GB $699. Prices without 4G LTE

Available for preorders today ... start selling at 16 of March.

This ipad is the first LTE device from apple!!!

Sorry greece is out of the first shipping list.

[Comment: i am NOT going to pay another contract to verizon lol. Wifi model is gonna be my choice]

I like the new iphoto for ipad tools

The ipad 2 remains on sales

And for the end something special. A big comparison map with all the latest tablets.
Thnx to Gizmodo.

[Based on1] [Basedon2][Photos from  GDGTArs Technica, and Macworld]