WWDC LIve ... almost

Tim Cook is on the stage and the event begins ... and the first announcements its about the new macbooks and mac air.

These are the first spec techs of the new mac air ..

Same price for 11 inch and 13 inch monitor models, usb 3.0 now available. Available today.

15 inch- $1799 and $2199 models. Entry level 2.3Ghz quad-core i7.

The presentation is going TOO FAST!!!!

Now announcement of the Next-gen MacBook Pro [apple link]


2,880x1,800 resolution.
16:10 display.

220 pixels per inch. That's 5,184,000 pixels.
The world's highest-resolution notebook display.
4.6 pounds weight
Quad-core processors, up to 2.7Ghz.
Up to 16GB of 1600Mhz RAM.
 GeForce GT 650M
SD, HDMI, USB 3, USB 2, MagSafe 2, 2 x Thunderbolt, and headphones.
[yesssssss thunderbolt and HDMI]
Battery life: Up to 7 hours with 30 days of standby time.
802.11n Wi-Fi and BlueTooth 4.0. FaceTIme HD, and dual microphones.

new adapters: FireWire 800 and GigaBit ethernet

Dual fan inside and lots of battery

Available and shipping TODAY.

Now we are heading to the announcement of the new Mac OSX, the new operating system of apple.

200 new features
125M iCloud users now are registered
Sharing integrated across the system
New safari with fastest javascript engine
 iCloud tabs. Shows you what tabs you have open across all of your iCloud-enabled devices.
New iphoto with sharing capabilities
Twitting with dictation!!
Power nap ... can bring notifications even when in sleep 
(includes iCloud sync, system software updates, and e-mail)
New Game Center
Supports turn-based and head-to-head gaming
That's Mac to Mac, and Mac to iOS games!!!!

Mountail LION , ships in july only $19.99

The announcement of the NEW IOS 6 ... happening NOW

200 new features
Siri gets an update, has been updated in lots of different data areas
Siri can launch applications

Apple's working with car manufactures to let you use Siri from the steering wheel.
Does not light up the screen, just uses spoken alerts.
That includes Toyota, GM, Mercedes, BMW, Honda, Audi.
[Honda? half US moves with hondas LOL]

Siri now is available for ipad and goes international.

New facebook integration with Facebook posting from siri, websites and apps.

 FaceTime tweaks. Works over cellular now. YESSSS

Full screen display when using landscape
Vip feature for super important people that you have to be notified when you receive email from them.
 Add photos and videos right into a message [always wanted that]

Passbook, "the simplest way to get all your passes in one place."

New feature: shared photostreams with friends

New maps app with turn-to-turn navigation!!! Works with Siri
[hmmm Siri now is getting more serious and is integrated everywhere]

Flyover ... a realtime 3D wireframe rendering with images!

Custom ... vibrations for alerts ... LOL ... i like that.

IOS will be available for
iPhone 3GS and later, 2nd and 3rd gen iPad.
 [Sorry 1st generation ipad ... no honey for you]

IOS 6 will come this FALL ... [OF COURSE WITH THE NEW IPHONE 5, yesssss]

[Based on the live coverage fron CNET]