Apple live event 2012 - new iphone 5

Today, one year after the presentation of iphone 4s, we have the announcement of a new iphone plus [the rumours say] new ipod series. The event starts at 10am PT.

Bye bye iphone 4s year .... Let's welcome ... the new iphone.

The lights are down and the event STARTS! Tim Cook is on the stage.

He is talking about the 380 retail stores in 12 countries that apple has already opened. Sweden will have its first one this week.

Now talking about the Macbooks that announced earlier this summer, and already put apple in the lead of the US notebook market.

The percentage of tablets sales increased up to 68% this year.
There are 700000 apps and 250000 of them are tablet optimized.

Phil Schiller TALKS about the new iPhone 5

It's made entirely of glass and aluminum, and does in fact look like what we've seen in leaks this whole time.

7.6 mm thick, 18% thinner than before. 20% lighter than the 4S

4 inch display, 326 ppi retina display 1136x640 resolution

44% more color saturation than the iPhone 4S

Wireless connection is iproved! HSPA+ and DC-HSPDA and of course LTE
Wi-Fi is higher performance, with 802.11 a/b/g/n up to 150Mbps
The iPhone 5 can automatically switch antenna connections, making sure you get the best signal at all times.
Touch is integrated into display to make it more thin.

The Apple A6 is 2x faster with both CPU and graphics. Its also 22% smaller.

Battery Life: 8 hours 3G talk, 225 horus standby, 10 hours wi-fi browsing, 8 hours LTE browsing.

Camera:  8MP sensor, with 3264x2448 resolution.
Backside illumination, hybrid ID filter, five-element lens, f/2.4 aperture.
Dynamic low light mode, precision lens alignment, made with sapphire crystal.
40% faster photo capture, and a smart filter that does better color matching
Panorama mode now is included!
Video is also getting an upgrade; 1080p but with better stabilization and facial recognition.
 Front facing cam is now 720 p.

There 3 microphones now included: bottom front and back!!!
Earpiece is now noise cancelling on both sending and receiving ends.

The new connector: Lightning. Adaptor included [thank god :)]

There lots of improvements on software: Siri now goes sports, post to Facebook from Siri, you can launch apps by voice, on mail there is VIP feature now, which lets you prioritize your favorite people who still use email instead of just texting you like a normal person. satellite 3D imagery, accessible from a wee press of the bottom left corner for the maps app.

There will be a black and a white version of iphone 5.

And finally the prices

[Based on Gizmodo coverage]