Nokia Lumia 920

The band new Nokia Lumia 920 is here [announced today in New York], it comes with: NFC communications that allows you to pay bills with your phone, it comes also with the great 8,7 megapixel camera that is great and its able to capture 20 times more light than normal sensors with Carl Zeiss optics, the new 4,5 screen with nice viewing angle, polycarbonated body, windows phone 8 operating system, it comes also with big portions of augmented reality though my sense is that we need time for that to be helpful and contain lots of information. The one thing that i didnt like was the Snapdragon S4 which is a dual core processor 1,5 Ghz... we are in the era of quad core, dudes, plus battery seems small at 2000mh for a multimedia phone. For the end i left the wireless charging which i think it will be a standard for the future and it lead on a new market for wireless docks and speakers.