Best Chrome Apps for the week 05/15 to 05/16


108% Growth
The beautiful way to organize code snippets.
6,085 Users
107% Growth
Professional Joomla! extensions, components and modules
635 Users
#3Google Translate
106% Growth
Google Translate shortcut for chrome.
39,509 Users
106% Growth
Quickly build Twitter Bootstrap pages, no coding skills required.
897 Users
105% Growth
The Markdown editor powered by PageDown
1,596 Users
105% Growth
Inkspector saves you money on printer ink and toner! Compare prices from many online options, including Amazon, Staples and more
695 Users
105% Growth
Bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again!
1,564 Users
105% Growth
Просто ярлык почты от Яндекса
1,519 Users
104% Growth
The #1 online PDF splitter. Extract one or more pages from larger PDF files.
1,264 Users
104% Growth
Pomodoro technique® web-based time tracker
15,281 Users
#11CSS3 Generator
104% Growth
CSS3 generator is a free online tool to experiment with CSS3 properties and generate the stylesheet.
2,081 Users
#12Regular Expressions Tester
104% Growth
JavaScript regular expression tester with real-time regex syntax and match highlighting.
818 Users
104% Growth
The #1 online PDF rotator. Fixes PDF files that are upside down or sideways, permanently.
590 Users
104% Growth
Smarter online research.
632 Users
#15Yodiz - Agile Bug Tracking Project Management
104% Growth
Online Agile Project Management tool, consisting of Product Backlog, Kanban Scrum Board, Issue Tracking and Team Discussions.
609 Users
#16Mobile & Tablet Emulator
103% Growth
Mobile Emulator is an useful online tool to check the screen resolution on different mobile and tablet devices.
2,287 Users
#17Hide IP Address
103% Growth
Use "Hide IP" extension to surf anonymously online, hide your IP address, secure your internet connection, hide your internet…
2,566 Users
#18Next Bus
103% Growth
Find out when your next bus is coming in real time with this cool web app
562 Users
103% Growth
The #1 online PDF unlocker. Removes restrictions and passwords from PDF files.
2,773 Users
103% Growth
Work with Google documents templates
1,389 Users