Streaming movies from your smartphone to your TV

It was always a nice idea to stream movies from your smartphone to your TV... Here is an easy way to do it:

What you need: an android smartphone, a google chromecast [I think it costs around $35] and two programs ...

XBMC movies  ... this link is from Aptoide

All Cast ... this link is from Google Play [You can also get the premium version without the icon]

How you do it:

a. Install chromecast on your TV [Your TV must have Usb port]
b. Install those two programs on your Android smartphone
c. Open Xbmc movies and choose your movie
d. When it prompts you for the program that you want to open the movie then choose All Cast
e. Choose your chromecast


a. Choose no subtitles
b. Choose Server [when XBMC movies ask you to choose server]

Start enjoying your movie .... ;-)