Windows 10 ... are HERE to stay!

They are new, just announced ... the name is Windows 10! Well more short of 9+ but marketing is strong and when you have to announce a big step ... then 10 is a good number!

Some of the key points:

  • Start menu is BACK!
  • You can have tiles on your start menu.
  • Running in windows AGAIN [well I guess decades of habit cant be re-written that simple]
  • Four windows at the same screen ... that looks neat .. but again ... re-inventing the wheel?
  • Multiple virtual windows to switch in between [ALWAYS loved that IF fast]
  • Very useful program task, to switch easily 
  •  Willingness to release less windows versions in order to be like mobile operating system thus more easy to have updates VS versions [Mobilization of windows is starting].
  •  Unification of desktop and mobile experience.
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