USB 3.1 Type C scores on live demo, more than 800MBps for both reading and writing.

I think it's about time to upgrade our pc's with faster hard discs and better throughput. Usb 3.1 is here ... live in CES 2015 and it SCORES ...
For the demo, the group used two Samsung SSD 840 Evo drives together in a RAID 0 setup. Connected to a computer using a Type-C connection, the benchmark test showed a sustained speed of more than 800MBps for both read and write. Prior to USB 3.1, this type of speed was only available with a Thunderbolt connection.
USB Type-C can also carry much higher power than USB 3.0 and going forward there will be many mobile devices, even laptops, that can be powered via the USB cable instead of using a separate power adapter.

And here we have a small history on usb revisions