Sunday List - How to retire well version

It was time for me to find some free time to write a new blog post. I know that many companies want to post on BUT it's my playground and I post whatever I WANT...

Well, my retirement is far from close but until that time I have many friends that asked me to give them a set of links to have them when they will retire. So here we go ... I hope you will enjoy them and they will keep you busy ..

- Free Online Museums ... if you dont have the money at least enjoy the view.
- Free Online TV Shows ... time to spend then time for TV Shows
- 100 full movies on Youtube ... Free and full, time to see those movies
- 100 another Full youtube movies ... just because 100 is not enough
- 700 Free movies - more and more and more
- Free radio Stations online ... while I m writine this post I am listening to nice Jazz music
- Online Art Galleries - One of the most beautiful things to indulge is art, enjoy
- Free Sports to Watch - mainly for men but you never know
- Free Sport Streams - because one is never enough
- Free Online Games - time to spend might means time for gaming for you
- Free Online University courses - because learning is for lifetime
- Free University courses - because this is even better
- 17 Hobbies to start - now you start learning your hobby online
- Free Books - only 1000000 titles to choose among.
- 100 Literature book sites - If you like literature then this is for you
- Online Courses - 10000 of them at the end of your fingertips
- Free Caraoke Songs - to sing the night away
- Videos for workout - you NEED to move, age is irrelevant factor
- Free Journals & newspaper - well they are never out of fashion and consume a great amount of time
- 600 Free Audio books - sometimes listening a book is far more entertaining