What is the minimum age required for gambling?

The minimum age required to gamble varies from country to country. The age restrictions also vary with the games being played. Most properly registered and licensed gambling sites are very strict when it comes to the enforcing of age restriction. The online gambling industry has a high number of operators that tolerate underage players.

In most jurisdictions the minimum required age to gamble ranges between 18 years and 21 years. In the United Kingdom players with 16 years are allowed to play National Lottery, Scratch cards and football pool. All other games in the United Kingdom have an age restriction of 18 years. In the United States of America individual States have the right to legislate gambling within the state.

A large number of regions allow minors to play non commercial games. This has been taken to mean they are allowed into online casinos but only to play casino games in free mode. These are considered low risk games and do not have an age restriction. However, many online casinos do not allow players below set ages to play in their casinos.

Why there is a an age requirement for gambling

 The main reason for the age requirements is to protect children and young persons from the dangers associated with gambling. Already the number of adults who become problem gamblers is alarmingly high. Since children are not yet mature they are more vulnerable to gambling related problems. The legislation is in to reduce the social cost of gambling on the community.

 Many adults believe a casino is no place for children and strive to keep them out. Although minors can play for real money at some casinos, the operators will not allow the underage players to withdraw their money.