Acer Announces New Range of Predator Gaming Peripherals in India

Online casino gaming has just been taken to a new level in India. Not only online casino gaming, but all forms of gaming. A statement that was released by the Chief Marketing Officer for Acer India reads "The predator range of products delivers the performance needed for a fun, immersive and powerful gaming experience…Our relentless pursuit of technological excellence led us to this cross platform offering making it one of a kind in the entire IT industry…” The statement promises unparalleled gaming experience on the new predator range of products.

A product that is set to be a favourite is the Predator Fastcore. This is a Cooler Master Fan module. This device is plugged into the optical drive of Acer Predator 15 and Acer Predator 17 gaming notebooks with NVIDIA GeForce graphics. It will cool the computer during intense money making gambling sessions at your favourite online casino. The speeds of the fan can be manually controlled to give you greater control. This is made possible through CoolBoost. The airflow created will be dust free courtesy of Predator DustDefender technology.

Other Predator products are the G series desktops which are now more compact than ever before. These desktops were modelled on game console technology which is why they are so small. They have 6th gen Intel i7 processors and 64GB of dual channel memory. The top of the pick from the monitors is the Predator X34. This monitor uses NVIDIA's Gsync technology which makes the 34-inch ultra-wide curved monitor with a USB3.0 hub so perfect to game on.
The Predator range does not come cheap. If you cannot afford it, you can continue playing at favourite online casino, visit the site for more info. When you hit the jackpot you can get yourself the superb Predator range of gaming peripherals.