New world Record on Fiber Optics - 400T per second!

Post ASTRI Wuhan, Hubei Province Science and Technology Conference revealed that the hospital laboratory has once again set the optical transmission world record, reaching 400T per second. The thickness of a hair fiber, can accommodate the world's 4.8 billion people online conversation. This the fifith time in three years that Youkeyuan fifth breaks the world record.
According to August 5 artcle by Hubei Daily, Wuhan Post ASTRI party secretary, Flames Technology Group President Lu Guoqing introduced this major breakthrough in scientific and technological achievements. A special multi-core single-mode fiber technology that is able to support large-capacity optical transmission .
It is estimated that a normal HD movie data has about the size of 2GB, a Blu-ray movie is about 10GB and Youkeyuan latest optical transmission had the speed of  transmission 40000 Blu-ray movies per second.