How to Communicate your blog posts wide and properly

  1. Google+ the post – make sure you share your content across Google+. It’s great for SEO and if you have a strong community on Google+ they can get notified that your post is live.
  2. Pinterest – share your featured image to a board
  3. Schedule 10 tweets over a period of a week. Twitter is a hungry beast and you need to feed it. Don’t be afraid of over sharing on Twitter – it takes a LOT of posts to over share anything on Twitter.
  4. Share to appropriate Facebook Groups – FB groups are a very under used feature and having an active strategy for groups can be hugely beneficial.
  5. Share your blog to all your LinkedIn groups – And, not just once. Share your blog post across your groups multiple times over a period of a few months. We’ve found great success in sharing three, four or five times to groups.
  6. Share to RedditDiggDeliciousStumbleUpon – These sites are hungry for content, free to use and have a massive active community just waiting to read your post.
  7. Share to BizSugar – created for businesses and also free and waiting for your content.
  8. Share it to Flipboard – I love Flipboard, I read content on this platform every day. Create a magazine to hold all your content and make sure you’re copying your content to it.
  9. Make sure your post is optimised to Google AMP – The AMP Project was set up to make sure that content is stripped of all unnecessary content and optimised for fast, mobile use. Many blog sites are overloaded with additional HTML code which slow down the experience so outputting your content using the AMP standard means that Google will prioritise your content and serve it faster to your audience. While you’re at it, you should also try and get your blog post approved on Facebook for their similar Articles feed.
  10. Share the post to Medium – Another popular site that’s free to use and waiting for your content.